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Hargreaves sees Manchester United needing a new goalkeeper.

Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves believes the former club should find a new goalkeeper. As David de Gea struggles with footwork that doesn’t fit Eric’s style Ten Hag.

The Spaniard made another mistake in the 3-0 defeat at Sevilla in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals. By the third goal in this game. He played with his feet missed the path of Youssef N-Nasiri shot openly. 

Hargreaves thinks that De Gea has made many mistakes like this. And with Ten Hag’s possession-oriented style of play. That doesn’t suit him very well UFABET

“First of all, David De Gea has served this club brilliantly.” Hargreaves told BT Sport. But he doesn’t play well with the ball with his feet and tonight it showed. Which has been the case many times this season.

“We know that Erik ten Hag wants to play with the ball. He wants to have possession. The first goal conceded came from that, and so was the third goal.

“That was an important moment for them to work on. The question is, does he fit Erik ten Hag’s philosophy? From today on you will say no. It doesn’t look right.”

Former Manchester United striker Owen Hargreaves analyzes the main problem that he still does not perform well for the world record transfer fee.