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Eriksen was bruised by Manchester United.

Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen admits the team made so many mistakes. That it was difficult to turn around before losing to Sevilla.

Harry Maguire and David De Gea both failed to pass the ball into the Sevilla players. Who scored immediately before a 3-0 win put Manchester United out of the quarter-finals FA Europa League.

Eriksen said after the game: “We didn’t play our game against them from the first minute. And we gave them many opportunities to attack us.”

“We lost our composure. We make more mistakes than ever. And the whole team couldn’t keep up with the mistakes made by their teammates UFABET 

“If you concede a goal like we conceded like that, you lose. It doesn’t do anything in that atmosphere.”

“Every footballer makes mistakes. They immediately punished us. Today we are not strong enough to come back from our mistakes.”

Christian Eriksen after recovering from an irregular heartbeat. Has returned to the field and performed impressively with Brentford during the past January. But he only signed a six-month contract with the team. And is about to expire and can move the team for free. When until June 30 this year.

Brentford, of course, wants to keep Eriksen at the team. But in the end, the temptation from Manchester United was too high for Eriksen to resist, with the “Red Devils” getting Eriksen to join the army for free in the summer of 2022 ready to sign a 3-year contract.