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Tuchel meets Chelsea to study holidays to fix bad form before the FA final.

Thomas Tuchel head coach of Chelsea is upset with the performance of his supporters lately. Even to break the holiday during the week. Call for more tutoring hijacking problems at every point in order to be ready. Before the FA Cup final meets Liverpool on May 14.

A report from ‘ Sun Sport ‘ that ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ went out to sea clearly, winning only 2 of the last 7 league games ( D2 , L3 ) , most recently being hit by Wolves in 2-2 minutes. UFABET Until the situation occupied the area chiseled ax face.  

Of course, the performance at the Bridge , in addition to his disgrace to new owner Todd Bohly, who attended the game on Saturday. Also made Tuchel blushing calling on his staff to train for Sunday’s meal. Which should be a holiday. Intensive tutoring on current problems.  

That add to the tense atmosphere at Cobham Training Center, as in addition to the midweek game against Leeds (11 May ) in the next 72 hours. There will be bets on the FA Cup winners ‘ ‘ Reds ‘ . Again at Wembley Stadium.  

It was hoped that the extra session was add. Including a big rehearsal match to call the confidence duel ‘ Yung Thong ‘ will make Tuchel’s crew fit into the picture .  

but if still unable to catch the beginning and end The 9th FA Cup title will have to wait .  

Asian Handicap FA Cup Final Out Liverpool -5 at half , 2 and a half -10 on aggregate