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England 1 – Spain 0.

Goalkeeper James Trafford made a heroic penalty save in stoppage time as England beat Spain 1-0 to win the U21 Football Euros for the first time in 39 years.

The game started 5 minutes ago. England had a chance to win first when Anthony Gordon cut from the left into the penalty area and shot with the right. But Arnau Tenas was still saved.

Spain had some chances in the 32nd minute. Rodrygo Sanchez shot with a shot from the left in front of the penalty area. The ball deflected, Levi Colville slightly off the post.

In the 44th minute, England had a chance from a free kick that. Cole Palmer opened from the left side for Levi Colville to hit the post unfortunately.

But the Little Lions took the lead 1-0 in the fourth minute of injury time from a free kick in front of the penalty area to the right. Cole Palmer spun with his left foot and deflected Curtis Jones’ shoulder. In front of the wall, change the entrance to the goal without the goalkeeper of Spain losing the right to defend. And it is credited to the goal of the Reds midfielder as well.

Happy moment to celebrate this goal. The players of both teams clashed almost to the point of being a big deal. Then the referee handed out a red card. Expelling the coaching staff of both sides to one side, with England being Ashley Cole.

At the end of the first half, England led Spain 1-0.

In the second half, in the 51st minute. Spain had to be hehe when Sergio Gomez opened a beautiful free kick for Abel Ruiz to head alone in front of James. Trafford into the goal, but the line mag raised the flag advance. While VAR has already checked.

England almost escaped in the 65th minute. When Curtis Jones snatched the ball from the middle of the field and dragged it up alone without paying anyone. Before firing from the left in the penalty area. But Arnaud Te Nas can also jump to a one-handed sweep.

3 minutes later, Spain should be very equal. Sergio Gomez gets the ball in front of the penalty area to the right and opens with the left foot. Curves deep into the post, reaching Abel Ruiz with a single header unbelievable breakout UFABET

At the end of the game.

Spain tried to move forward and attack hard. But was almost buried by a counterattack in the 89th minute, Cameron Archer flowed into the penalty area on the right side for Harvey Elliott to catch before having to force a right-footed shot. Hold on, Noni Madoueke tried to repeat a tight angle, but Tenas still managed to bring the ball down the line just in time.

The game is about to expire. But during the 7th minute stoppage time, there was a retrospective VAR penalty kick arising from the moment Levi Colville kicked Abel Ruiz, the referee returned to point out a penalty, but Rui S who got up to kill, shot to save, James Trafford hit the way, Aimar Oroz shot again immediately, Trafford can still use the leg to save again. Repeatedly, the three swords that weren’t good at it crossed the crossbar.

During the 10th minute stoppage time, there was another problem on the sidelines. This time, the players on the bench for both teams were red: Morgan Gibbs-White and Antonio Blanco.

The game ended in 90+12 minutes, England defeated Spain 1-0, winning the tournament for the first time in 39 years, with Jones scoring a historic goal, but Trafford was the real hero. Where throughout the program since the first match, not conceding a single goal, collecting 6 clean sheets in a row