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Merson predicts big match: Arsenal meet Manchester City home.

Merson predicts the big match: Arsenal will meet Manchester City at home.

Arsenal will open Emirates Stadium for a big battle with Manchester City, which Paul Merson has already decided on the outcome of this match.

ยูฟ่าเบท pundit Paul Merson has come out with his predictions for this weekend’s big Premier League match. This will be a meeting between and Manchester City.

The Gunners recently lost to Lens in the UEFA Champions League. While Manchester City defeated RB Leipzig in Germany with a score of 3-1. However, the former striker believes the hosts will be able to collect. A draw is possible.

“Arsenal only opened their chance to compete for the championship last week. And they must do their best. You must seize your chance with City now. If Manchester City can only draw, they will only have one point from their last two games. It also opens up the opportunity for Liverpool and Tottenham to return to the Premier League title race. too”

“I don’t think Arsenal need to win this game. But they shouldn’t lose if they lose here. If that’s the case, it will repeat the season before losing to City 2 games. It will be a very intense match. I think it will end in a draw.”

Merson predicts Arsenal 1-1 Mann City.